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The purpose of our optical boutique is to create and enhance a new lifestyle where fashion stays on the card and comes affordable to you. No negotiations, no sacrifice, whatever you like, just pick, style and rewind.

Here is the story behind Videre and how we got inspired by this name!

VIDERE  is a Latin word for “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Its popular usage reportedly originates from a letter that Julius Caesar wrote to the Roman Senate around 46 BC, in the city of Zela (now in Tokat Province, Turkey, and known as Zile), after achieving victory in his short war against Pharnaces II of Pontus. The phrase is used to refer to a SWIFT, CONCLUSIVE VICTORY.

Now, the motivation behind this name has inspired us to amalgamate designer eyewear with ultimate quality. We follow a simple Mantra called ‘No shortcuts’ but that doesn’t mean we like delays. We have the German manufacturers and the eyewear is equipped with Japanese technology. We follow the highest optical standards and offer them at exceptional prices. Designer Eyeglasses Near Me

We know luxury comes with class and all we want is you to experience that PERFECT frame, sunglasses, shade or contact lens which you have been looking for.

Sit back and browse the stunning collection now! If you are looking for Designer Eyeglasses Near Me in Florida then we are here to serve you with nothing the best.

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